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NOTE: AT THIS POINT, YOU STILL NEED TO FILL IN BILLING DETAILS REGARDLESS OF IF YOU ARE PAYING CASH OR CREDIT. This is an issue we will work on for the next release of the website.

Fill out Billing details on LEFT SIDE of this page for both Pickup or Delivery service.

For Pickup orders: UNCHECK BOX Different Delivery Address. Skip to step 12.

For Delivery orders: Make sure Different Delivery Address box is checked

Fill in delivery address details including:

Phone: please add your best number for the driver to call when on their way.

In order notes: add any delivery instructions like color of house or cross streets.

For delivery- Click pickup or delivery? (optional) drop down menu

Select your named area to see the delivery fee. Example: By kilometers or area:

La Choya, Playa Encanto, Sandy Beach, Mirador, ect.

Review your order. You will see the delivery fee has been added to total due.

Select Payment Options (You can pay with your credit or debit card if you don’t have an existing PayPal account)

Paying with cash: click on CASH ON DELIVERY

Paying with debit/credit card: click on PAYPAL

Click on blue button BUY NOW PAYPAL

Click Create Account if you do not have a PayPal account. This will take you directly to the Pay with Debit or Credit Screen.

Fill in your Debit or Credit info

YOUR DONE!  Check your email for your confirmation for order. The Satisfied Frog driver/manager will confirm your address and delivery time or pick up time by email on the date you are to pick up or receive delivery of your order. 

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